Inaugural @rushingoutdoors hosted bird walk to Glenn Creek Nature Preserve. This neighborhood greenspace was formerly a lot that was going to be sold to developers. The Glennwood Estates community and friends and City of Decatur, came together to save this small, but important remnant of old Peidmont forest. It is now a bioreserve and being re-wilded.

( “Glenn Creek Nature Preserve is a two-acre bioreserve of native Piedmont Habitat maintained by neighbors and owned by the City of Decatur. Glenn Creek (formerly Hunter’s Branch) runs through the property and is part of the South Fork Peachtree sub-watershed.
Volunteers learn about native species of the Georgia Piedmont, forest and stream bank restoration, adopt-stream program, and greenspace management. The preserve is open to the public.”

A special thanks to Stephen Ramsden and his sponsor Celestron. Stephen is Founder\Director of Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project and Sunlit Earth!, the worlds first and largest private citizen Solar Astronomy outreach program. An area of focus is all of nature’s beauty made possible by sunlight. To bring this beauty up close and personal, Stephen and Celestron provide loaner binoculars to participants on the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project and Sunlit Earth! outreach programs and as sponsorships to deserving budding naturalists and conservationalits. Because of their generosity I was able to also provide loaner binoculars to help my neighbors and friends to ‘see’ (it’s amazing what high-quality binoculars can add to the birding experience) & gain an appreciation for the birdlife literally in our backyard.

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