Female Baltimore Oriole. Or maybe immature male. Males don’t molt to their bright adult orange until their second year.

Female Or Immature Male Baltimore Oriole

This bird was visiting our yard in Decatur, Georgia which is deep inside metro-Atlanta on January 29th.

I had to add Baltimore Oriole to my yard’s eBird checklist. And was lucky to have photos. They are considered Rare in this part of GA this time of year. eBird had to have proof. Even though this is not the first winter recording in our yard. The male below spent almost a week in our yard in January 2018. Putting out the orange halfs helped him stay.

There is a population that Winters in Florida with some that cross the stateline into deep South Georgia. So I do wonder if this is a lost soul or a scout. It would not be the first species expanding range northward.

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