Tufted Titmice Eyes: Cute and Functional

Tufted Titmice are yard favorites in our household and I suspect many others. They have expressive faces and polite behavior, though often noisy. They sit on a perch near our feeders until they can take a turn, then fly in, get a nice sunflower seed, and then fly back to a perch to shell the seed. Or, cache it under loose bark or in a crevice\crack usually on the top of a limb.

Tufted Titmouse

When they aren’t coming to feeders, they are gleaning insects off branches and leaves. They can hang upside down or hover while gleaning. They are very efficient. A reason why is their vision. They have wide field of binocular vision. They can even see the end of their bill. This makes it possible to probe and prod. Making their expressive, round, prominent eyes are not only cute, they’re very functional.


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