Winter Berries Bring The Birds

And they’re cheaper than suet 🙂

We have a bumper crop of Chinese Holly and Carolina Cherry-laurel berries in our yard. One of the few upsides of 2020. The hollies are so full that the limbs are bending perilously downward.

The part-time and full-time berry eaters are loving it.

Cedar Waxwing enjoying sun-ripe Chinese Holly berries.

Chines Hollies are not native (duh, the name), but in older neighborhoods like ours they are well established and have been for many years. This Cedar Waxwing is about 25′ up. They are not particularly invasive in our area and easily managed. Some SE states do list them as invasive so checking with reputable nurseries is advised before new plantings.

The draw a variety of birds, including Carolina Wren, American Robin, Hermit Thrush

Carolina Cherry-laurel is native to Georgia, but in many respects is more ‘invasive’ than Chinese Holly. It is very easy to lose control and end up with very dense foliage. The birds don’t seem to mind though. In fact, they are a main culprit in expanding the ‘volunteers’. And, covering your car and deck with lots of deep purple poop.

American Robin on Carolina Cherry-laurel

Having flocks of noisy birds marauding our yard has been a great distraction to the news cycle this January. There’s lot’s of information about berries and birds. Here’s a nice one:

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