Eastern Bluebird Juvenile

There are a lot of juveniles roaming our neighborhood yards. And, not just basketball & lacrosse pickup games. Birds too. Juvenile birds are individuals that have molted to their first real plumage, but not their adult plumage. Fledglings are juveniles. When they transition officially to juvenile status is, the best I can tell, a judgement call. […]

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Bluebird of Happiness

Bluebirds have been symbols of happiness, good health and hope across cultures for ages. Chinese, Europeans, especially the French, Russians, indigenous Americans, and many other peoples have all included bluebirds in uplifting folklore, literature, music and images. Ranging from fairy tales in oral history traditions, to Maurice Maeterlinck’s play “The Bluebird” (one of the works for […]

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“Hawk Attacks and Eats Dog” (Not)

For ten months, I have been posting pictures to our neighborhood association’s Listserv of resident and migrating birds visiting our yard. My intentions have been fourfold: 1) To do something, hopefully meaningful, with my new-found free time from sheltering-in-place and moving my office to our front porch and avoiding Atlanta commute time. 2) For neighbors […]

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